fastloc.FOCI is the stand-alone Windows GUI application for performing the seismic moment tensor inversion and source parameters assessment using waveform data. The application, developed for analysis of induced seismicity, is optimized for local-to-regional applications and seismic networks.

The seismic moment tensor inversion module uses first P-wave motion data to invert for the unconstrained full moment tensor. In addition, the constrained trace-null and double-couple moment tensors are calculated as well. The calculated moment tensors are then decomposed into isotropic (ISO) and deviatoric parts (CLVD/DC) using classical procedure. The tensor is also used to derive the orientation of nodal planes, tension and pressure axes, total seismic moment and moment magnitude. The results of moment tensor inversion can be display in a form of beach balls using different projection schemes.

The associated spectral analysis module allows to investigate basic static and dynamic source characteristics including seismic moment, source radius, static stress drop, average displacement over the fault surface, radiated energy and apparent stress. The input P- or S-wave waveforms are first pre-processed according to User wishes and in the following the classical spectral analysis is performed using so-called Snoke’s integrals.

The output data can be exported to ASCII and XML files. The graphical representation of the moment tensor inversion can be exported to PNG, PDF, PS and SVG. The application is capable to directly read and process various file formats holding waveform information from acquisition systems typically used to monitor induced seismicity in Poland (ARAMIS, ARAMIS ME, ELOGOR-C, etc.). It also handles native FSF format, for which C++ and MATLAB FSF read/write routines are available to the end-user. The application is an optional module of the fastloc.REEL and fastloc.REEL-AI software packages, where it can be used to manually reprocess waveform data (phase repicking, seismic moment tensor inversion, source parameters assessment).

Software / hardware requirements

The application requires Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1 operating system installed.

Contact / questions

For inquiries regarding the software please contact .